FloRent, a family company where passion for exploration meets the thrill of cycling! 🚴❤️

We are Alessia and Gabriele, both born and raised in Florence. In 2013, when we were in our twenties, we founded FloRent, our personal journey to revolutionize the concept of e-bike tours as as Tourist Guides in Florence. Now, after more than 10 years in business, thanks to our small company, we have laid the foundation to build a family with 2 children and pursue our dream!

As TOURIST GUIDES IN FLORENCE, we are dedicated to offering professional, high-quality services to travelers worldwide.

Operating within the framework of our small tour operator, where we are the sole partners, and we also directly manage the technical direction— a mandatory requirement in Italy. This hands-on approach allows us to deliver comprehensive and well-structured services, ensuring our clients experience the utmost satisfaction.

As TOURIST GUIDES IN FLORENCE, our offices are located in the heart of the city, in a central point for cycling enthusiasts, and for the departure of numerous journeys through the evocative landscapes of Florence and Tuscany

We believe in curating experiences that seamlessly blend with the rich history and breathtaking beauty of this remarkable part of Italy.

Il nostro team di guide esperte a Firenze non si limita a condurti in un giro in bicicletta: sono veri e propri narratori, appassionati di condividere aneddoti e svelare i tesori nascosti della città. Con loro, ogni pedalata diventa un viaggio alla scoperta di qualcosa di nuovo, un’immersione nella ricca storia e cultura fiorentina.

We take pride in providing high quality e-bikes, blending technology with the joy of cycling.

We promise an eco-friendly, immersive, and exhilarating journey through the diverse landscapes of Tuscany.

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Come join us at FloRent for a two-wheeled adventure like no other. Discover the secrets of Florence, pedal through charming villages, and forge memories that will endure a lifetime!